On August 31st of 2012 Miss Harper's Cottage Inn purchased the Conrad Grove Guest House, located at 113 North Main Street in Conrad from longtime owners, Alan & Pat Schiebel.  After an extreme face lift with help from family and friends, we've rolled out the welcome mat and are now booking guests from near and far.

  We've poured our hearts and soul into Miss Harper's all while reflecting on the many blessings in our lives now and in the past.  We are excited to see all the potential and opportunities unfolding before our eyes that the cottage has to offer our guests, the city of Conrad and the surrounding area.

  It is our hope that you, your family and friends will find Miss Harper's Cottage Inn to be an inviting, cozy and welcoming place to visit and stay.  With lots of character, a slice of romance, plenty of charm and a touch of Conrad nostalgia it will be a memorable  overnight stay or a weekend getaway for couples, families, friends, business travelers or just a visit to the heart of Central Iowa.  Come discover what we are all about...we promise you'll be glad you did!